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          Zealous door and window system is the core chain brand of zealous'deco. It focuses on the R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and installation of high-end bridge cutoff aluminum alloy, aluminum wood composite door and window sunshine room system and all aluminum furniture. It is one of the earliest manufacturers in the field of home decoration to carry out brand operation of bridge cutoff aluminum alloy, aluminum wood composite door and window system and all aluminum furniture. At the beginning of its establishment, the door and window system of Zhilv sunshine room has been adhering to the core concept of "customized design, precision manufacturing and ultimate service" to quickly form a wide range of market awareness. With the advantages of excellent material selection, rigorous technology and high cost performance, the image of Zhilv precision door and window is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
          Zealous door and window system manufacturing base is located in Chuzhou Chengnan science and Technology Industrial Park. It introduces advanced production, manufacturing, inspection and testing equipment from Germany, Japan and other countries, and builds the industry-leading production line of aluminum alloy and aluminum wood products. Zhilv is growing into the most potential brand of broken bridge aluminum and aluminum wood composite door and window sunshine room system in the Yangtze River Delta.
          The company attaches great importance to the R & D and storage of doors and windows and sunlight room technology. The Zhilv system developed by the technology R & D team led by industry experts has achieved systematic breakthroughs in air tightness, water tightness, energy conservation, safety and other aspects of aluminum alloy doors and windows, among which "efficient energy-saving technology", "hidden drainage", "four seal", "corner connection technology" and other technologies have been widely used It has been widely used in the production and manufacture of doors and windows with good economic and social benefits. At the same time, the company has also made breakthroughs in the fields of door and window sound insulation, remote sensing intelligent control, fresh air purification, security and prevention integration. It has initially constructed five core technology systems of Zhilv door and window sunshine room system, ensuring the company's strong driving force and core competitive advantage for future development.

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